Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Dusty Beer

There was something oddly intriguing about the way the sunlight was illuminating the dust on that brown jug this evening. The three glass containers were each glowing slightly and the dust was sparkling (if only in my imagination). "Simplicity" to me is finding an unusual amount of pleasure in tiny things all through out the day and not needing more because you have so much (there is so much filling the universe) already. My simple moment today was "enjoying the way the sun shone on the empty jugs and bottle caps" in my kitchen this evening.

My hubby likes his beer
(as you can see by the dust those growlers
have not been refilled in a very long time).


  1. Ah, yes! I almost didn't throw away a truffle wrapper yesterday because it was so pretty and it made me happy. (I got the truffle as a little present and the giver informed me that it was a fancy truffle and of its price. This gesture was very very sweet and funny because I know it wasn't meant in an obnoxious way.)

    1. I might still have a raspberry tea wrapper that someone sent me from Latvia (I do. I kept it). So I totally get what you're saying :-)