Thursday, March 6, 2014

March Stock Up Results

March Stock Up Money: $93
Toilet Paper
Dog Food
A birthday gift for my nephew
Inserts and diaper detergent

I'm planning to spend $15 a day this year on everything I purchase. One of my new approaches is to take an average of $3 a day at the beginning of the month and stock up on some of my least favorite things that always seem to ruin my budget. Ideally I'll plan out gifts for the month from this money as well. After I've spent the stock up money that leaves an average of $12 a day for all additional spending.

I wasn't able to get a ton of stuff this month because of the dog food but it is what it is. I also probably shouldn't have purchased additional diaper inserts but my son is heavy wetter. Even though he's down to one diaper a day (for bedtime) he wets out of the diaper about every other night. I purchased two inserts that are supposed to be more absorbent than the ones I currently have. Fingers crossed.

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