Saturday, March 30, 2013


NO SPEND day number 17 is a success!

Today I NEED to write down a detailed budget for this week. I have a spread sheet in Excel that I use to budget each month but something about writing down the budget on paper for the week makes it really real. And it makes it easier for me to say no when my husband asks to make a silly purchase that we do not "need" at present.

I've been doing pretty well with my spending but money is getting TIGHT around here. My hours have been a bit slow on top of my cutting 8 hours a week out of my work schedule. Gasoline has been a bit pricy. I've actually been worried for the first time in a long time that we might not make ends meet over the next few months. I need to get really serious and assign every dollar coming in a responsibility. Then I need to be even more serious and say no to all the stuff that doesn't have dollars assigned to it. This is for real. This is where credit cards become real tempting and convenient. I do NOT want to go down that road again, EVER!

Tomorrow should be a NO SPEND day as well. That'll make 18 total for the first 3 months of the year. That puts me about 7 below quota if I'm truly shooting for 100 NO SPENDs this year. Not bad, not bad at all.