Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tons of Money Fun (Not Really)

Ugh, I'm so sick of money!

Can I just sell my house and move into the woods please?!?!?!

I've been working at growing up (money wise) for a few years now. But every day is a challenge. Every single day I must be so very conscious of the decisions I'm making and why. I guess it's sort of like that with everything in life. I'm so sick of it though.

I don't feel like I'm getting anywhere. I am. If I sit down and add things up, slowly, quite slowly but surely I am getting to a better place. Right now it feels like this year is just flying by BUT it's only March 19th. We've not even gone through one quarter of this year.

I need to be more optimistic, get more sleep, and enjoy some fresh air (once this blizzard subsides).

Average daily spending: $14.74


  1. You are getting somewhere! You're Doing great!
    Changing habbits takes a long time. And with a New baby, its even harder! Yet, ypu're trying your best. slipping up is part of the deal.
    Thing of how bad it could've been, if you wouldn't have stept up. And then do another babystep. You will reach your goals.

  2. :)) Ha ha ha, I love these "lure you in" post titles :))) And then the grumpy cat-style confessions. :)
    Nope, you can't sell your house and move to the woods :)
    And you are for sure moving forward.
    Spring officially starts today! :)
    We can do it!

  3. You are my inspiration keep it up!

    1. That is SO encouraging Kim! thank-you so much!

  4. The problem with debt repayment / savings is the same as losing weight. It takes soooo damn long and you don't see results quickly! It's very demotivational unfortunately. Make a chart of your progress. It's great to see a continual change over time.