Friday, March 29, 2013

This and That

Driving down the expressway today with sunglasses on and the air rushing over the open sunroof felt like the best moment ever. Hooray for spring finally peeking out from behind the long cold winter!!!

I think I bought enough groceries today to last until Monday. This means a possible 2 more NO SPEND days in March. We'll see... ugh, I'm already thinking of things we "might" need. More milk of course.

Average daily spending: $15.02
I bought a few bigger things today, actual things. In my terminology a "thing" purchase is something that doesn't get used up, isn't food; a CD is a thing purchase. Toilet paper is not. I'm only up to 10 things on my items list for this year. 3 of them happened today. I had to pick up some CD-R's to back up photos and because my hubby burns all of his CD's to CD-Rs so they don't get wrecked when he's listening to them in the car. I purchased a nice water bottle, a Camelbak for my boy. I'm going to put it in his Easter basket. He's been using mine a lot and I'd like him to have his own. And I bought a pillow cover for him. He gets a pillow in his bed now. He's getting an old used pillow from our upstairs but I wanted him to have a nice allergy free waterproof cover for it. I can't believe I'm over $15 a day. Yikes that's pretty bad.

Hoping for good things in April; in other words good planning, strong self control, and no unexpected big expenses!


  1. I gave Arianna a pillow and pillow case for Christmas.
    She really likes having her own cupcake pillow.

  2. Wow, only ten things is pretty good going with a baby! It's definitely a good idea to use a back-up CD in the car. If your hubby's anything like me then the CDs get slung about and scratched!