Sunday, March 24, 2013

NO SPEND number 15 of the year is in the books. Yay

Jessica thanks so much for dinner!

Bryallen you're kicking my behind, 30 NO SPENDS this year... awesome job.

Today's lovely: Spending time with family. (my nieces are so awesome) Getting to see a cousin I haven't seen in over 8 years and his crazy adorable friendly kiddos I've never met. It's really something special getting to see your kids get together with the kids of the kids you grew up with. (I tried rewording that sentence three times. Sorry, it's too late for my brain)



  1. There is a really interesting blog called less is enough and she wrote a post on how to shop for groceries. She emphasizes shopping for a few days rather than a whole week because you might not use everything or might not want a meal that you planned earlier that week.

    A few years back she also did a project where she ate for a dollar a day for an entire month. I found it extremely interesting and even got some ideas for meals to bring down my food cost-although I don't think I could eat for a $1 a day!


  2. Yay for no spend number 15! :)