Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Challenges Are Fun!?!?

I bought just enough groceries yesterday. Okay and a few little indulgences. Hubby requested ice cream and chocolate sauce. This is something we rarely have in the house but picking up ice cream pales in comparison to eating a $30 restaurant dinner. It's funny though, those little indulgences are what pushes the $12 a day budget closer to $14 a day. In the long run little indulgences are totally fine (when you can afford them) but, ah, it is what it is...

Today is a planned NO SPEND. This is going to be tough one. I have a longer/ later day at work. I don't have much in terms of food to bring with me. So will  power is going to have to come into play today. I'm not starving myself I just have to avoid the little temptations that look so yummy but seem so harmless. Alas, harmless they are when they are NOT in the budget and the budget calls for no spending today.
Me and Will Power: not buddies.

Wish me luck.

Average daily spending: $14.57

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