Saturday, March 23, 2013

Cheesy Goodness

I didn't spend any money yesterday. I'm hoping not to spend any money tomorrow. My boy and I just got back from picking up a few items at the store. I forgot to pick up Cocoa Krispies but I think the hubby can survive two days without any.

I've mac'n'cheese (my grandma's recipe) baking in the oven right now. I made brownies from scratch yesterday (with frosting). Grocery shopping and cooking and cleaning up after the eating and the cooking takes SO MUCH WORK! Yes, I am a lame adult who's used to having eaten out for YEARS. But cooking at home is always so rewarding. Not only does it generally save tons of money but every time I prepare a meal I get this sense of self satisfaction that alone is worth all the hard work.


Average daily spending: $14.54


  1. Keeping a house looking half decent with a small child around is really a mayor task!
    I just settled on having homecooked meals, doing dishes, washing clothes and trying to get things more declutterd bit by bit. And that is hard enough right now. And I dont even work outside my home...

  2. Cooking leads to many, many dishes to take care of, yep.
    Hope you pull off anohter no spend! :)

  3. Eugh, I hate washing up after cooking! There are a lot of meals you can make in a single pan though (Google "one pot meals").

    Sounds like good food!

  4. I dislike the whole cooking thing, but I kinda force myself to because I'm a vegan and all that jazz, so it helps there. It's a matter of getting healthy options. Congratz on sticking to your goal so far tho! Come midnight tonight, I'll be back on track with the no spends. So YAY there! :3
    We can do this!