Thursday, March 21, 2013


Money is slipping through my fingers, out my wallet, and bypassing my bank account like water on a rampage.

This month saw a birthday, an oil change, batteries, light bulbs, dryer sheets, cat litter... this and that here and there adds up FAST! Next month holds another birthday, 2 vehicles with plate renewals, a concert, and hopefully nothing else.

I feel like I'm being tortured, but this is just life.

New goal: I was thinking that it would be neat to attempt an every other day NO SPEND challenge next month. But starting now would be even better. Thus I'm instituting an every other day NO SPEND challenge for the rest of March.

Average daily spending: $14.78


  1. You know what? I'm gonna do that too! I just spent money today so tomorrow is a no spend day for me! If you want someone to text to help keep you from falling off the wagon let me know!

    1. Yay, a no spend pal! thanks Grace. I don't have a cell phone though... actually I've never sent a text before : )