Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Okay, okay

I just wanted to check in since I've been missing in action.

Everything is okay. We survived a very busy but fun 1st birthday party for the babe.
All of the sudden "stuff" came up in February and I checked out I guess. Between last minute planning a party for my boy, a weird crazy fall out with a very close friend, and another friend going through horrible tragedy I just lost track of time, lost a lot of sleep, and stumbled through many, many days during the past few weeks.

When I was a kid I never imagined grown-up-hood would be so tiresome and sometimes down right difficult. But as a dear friend reminded me this morning: life goes on.

Happy Birthday Baby
Made from scratch cake & frosting : )


  1. And how hard it gets, little things like that makes life worth more then anything. That little boy is getting big fast. And loving his cake, I guess

  2. too cute, sorry about you friend,

  3. What a sweetie. Hope life brightens soon.