Wednesday, March 27, 2013

No Little Black Rain Cloud Here

I left the house yesterday with a small tuna pasta salad, some carrots and an orange. My plan was to spend nothing. Again, I work in a supermarket. The Easter candy is on sale and I have a love hate relationship with caffeinated beverages. I was expecting this long drawn out day of fighting with myself; little angel me on one shoulder and rather feisty determined naughty me on the other.

I got in the car, popped open the center console to get my sunglasses, and like a beautiful ray of sunshine some chocolates I had placed in there awhile ago that I'd completely forgot about and am still in shock that my husband didn't eat were smiling up at me. In that moment I thought, "today is not going to be so difficult after all."

I stopped at our office (I stop there once a week for a few minutes on Tuesday afternoons) to pick up my work mail and one of the office employee's asked if I was hungry. Don't worry I did not look like a starving, attempting a NO SPEND day blogger. There was a spread of Panera chips, bread, sandwiches, and salad left from a meeting that had happened earlier in the day and she was trying to get rid of it. Oh you bet I jumped at that; expensive FREE food gets HIGH marks in my book of lovelies. So I had a yummy salad, sandwich, and little roll for lunch.

I had used up the last of the creamer for my coffee and wished I could buy some for this morning. We were also just about out of milk. I thought there was enough left on Monday when I took stock but my husband performed a brilliant disappearing act with almost a gallon of milk in one day. Then I remembered the cafe in the store. I've only taken advantage of the little creamers once before but this day, yes, I would do it again. I grabbed a few on my way out, felt rather like a bum digging through the trash for scraps, but mission accomplished, had cream for my Wednesday morning coffee and did not spend money.

My only real battle for the day was whether or not to cave and bring home milk. On one hand I didn't want to be that annoying cheap skate wife who couldn't even buy milk for her family because of a silly spending challenge. On the other hand I had told the man that I wasn't going to be spending any money and still he downed a gallon of milk. I stuck to my guns and came home empty handed. But he made a joke about my silly goal shortly after I got home and for once I knew he was on my side. He wasn't upset about the milk (one of his favorite things in life) and he was nice to me about it too. Win, win, SUPER duper win!

Good day. Sometimes it's so nice to get that little break in the clouds.

Average daily spending: $14.40


  1. I find it hard to believe you husband can drink an entire gallon of milk in one day. He must really love milk.

    1. I'm always a little surprised but he makes it look easy. I think my brother has this same talent.

  2. I really dont think its silly. It might seem like that to other, but getting out of debt isn't silly at all! Real smart, that's war it is.
    And you're doing so well. Do keep up! Getting closer and closer again to your $12 a day.