Sunday, February 16, 2014

Might be About Time for a February-ish Challenge

I have not sacrificed health this month. Sometimes when I'm trying to save money I make sure to feed my son really well and then I eat a whole ton of cheese sandwiches on really cheap bread. We've eaten our fair share of lean meats, a nice variety of veggies, and fruits this month. And it's really showing in the budget BUT I've also been horribly relaxed about bringing snacks to work with me this February. $1.69 for a 20 oz. coke and $2 or $4 for a sandwich or some other such thing (I work in a grocery store; there are LOTS of other such things to choose from) can be killer when you let it get away from you. I think I've let it get away from me.

I'm not saying that buying something while working is totally off limits but for the next six weeks it is. I would like to go six weeks of not spending while working. I've done it before and I need to do it again. I've just been too undisciplined in this area and I know it's starting to take a toll on my daily average. With this one exception: I've been seeing the cadbury eggs in the backroom (I'm certain they made it to the sales floor this weekend with Valentines being over) and I am going to buy one while I'm working tomorrow. There's just no getting around that fact.

I've also lost sight of no spends lately. They honestly help me to save money. I'd like to challenge myself to 4 no spends a week for the next 6 weeks.

Six weeks of not spending while working plus 24 no spend days: February 17 thru March 28.

Average daily spending for February: $18.72
Although, I don't think I need to buy anything tomorrow (except an egg) which brings my average to $17.79.
We'll see.

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  1. It's so easy to lose motivation this time of year when winter really starts wearing us down. On the flip side, of course, if you can make it home after work without having spent, you are less likely to go back out :) Good luck with your goals!