Friday, February 21, 2014

We've gotten a little bit of snow this year.

I take photos. Especially during the winter in Michigan. This year we've had a truly awesome winter but it's been frigged, with negative temps most of the winter, horrid wind chills and I have a 1 year old that is virtually always with me. As much as I've been longing to get out there with my cannon and capture some of the sights this year it has not happened. I cannot subject the little guy to this weather.

Our great Lake Michigan is more frozen then ever. The channel leading to the lake is frozen for the first time that I've ever witnessed. We've had snow storm after snow storm of beautiful sparkling fluffy feet of snow. Snowbanks are now covering buildings, fences, small trees, and our mailboxes are all virtually gone (buried). Some of my fellow Michiganders have been complaining like you would not believe but in truth we have had WEEKS of solid ice covering our roads, our roofs, our cars, and everything the eye can see. I actually had to chip over an inch of solid ice off of the entire seal of my car door one morning before I could get into the little bugger. At present people are climbing onto their roofs to shovel off 3 and 4 feet of snow that is causing roofs to leak and fall in. The photos filling facebook right now of failing roofs is staggering. It's been an intense winter, to say the least.

Since I am unable to do what I love and capture a glimpse of my world on film I decided to make a collection for you all of other folks photos from this winter on the west side of Michigan where I live. Call me a poacher... I've linked most of the photos to their source, otherwise given photo credit underneath.

Photo by Michelle Bos
Virtually every single morning this winter; freshly fallen snow everywhere!

I can't find a source on this one.
 This is a high school not too far from my city. Believe it or not alot of places are looking like this now.

Photo by Sue Smith
This is my home, at least a few minutes away from it. I walk here at least 30 times a year. Those people are all standing on water; Lake Michigan in fact.
This is what it looks like most of the year.

The beach? Really, this isn't what normally comes to mind when people think of the beach.
Home sweet home. It's amazing what wind and snow and cold temps can do, isn't it?

There is a mailbox in there. Look closely.

This is an overview of our frozen lake That crater is Lake Michigan. It is FROZEN and surrounded by huge ledges of ice and snow.

Photo by Kelly Goossen
It warmed up the other day; 40F! After this long winter it honestly felt like summer. "Come on everybody it's warm outside! Let's head to the beach!" This photo just tells it all. This winter has been cold!

I couldn't help but post this one even though I can't find it's source. It's really REALLY funny only because it is SO true!

We did get out a little bit this winter   :-)

I am very ready to see green. I'm looking forward to flowers, leaves and warm sunshine with sheer delight. But this winter has been fabulous, beautiful, and memorable for sure. "This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it!"


  1. It hit 47 degrees F here yesterday. I almost got out the flip flops and tank tops cuz it felt like 77. lol

    1. For REAL! It was 43 I think, and we were all walking around without coats practically dancing like in a musical, "SUMMER IS HERE!!!" Of course the blizzard with 55mph winds and MORE snow is back today. But hey, two days of summer, YAY for it!

  2. Lol, Kim! Yes a bit like ND but we don't have that much snow this year.

  3. I'm from Houston, and your picture about Southerners is completely true - we really don't know how to respond to ice on the roads. I really appreciate the pictures you posted and especially your comments about how wonderful your winter has been. I am thankful, though, that we did get a small taste of what a true winter is a few weeks ago, and even more thankful that it only lasted a few days. It'll be 72 degrees here this afternoon and we're getting our garden ready for spring planting today. I know that I couldn't handle the weather you have, but I do appreciate those who do. (I have heard that Upper Michigan is beautiful in the summer - one day I hope to visit and escape our 95+ degrees, but I'll stay south during the winter months).

    1. A friend of mine from here is living in South Carolina now. He just can't even get over the panic that everyone goes through when it snows a light dusting. In truth we can get feet of snow overnight and it's no big deal. It's so interesting how the mindset can be SOOO different based on what one knows/ is familiar with.

      Oh, my gosh 72! I think it will be awhile before we get to that (but Michigan is very extreme, especially next to the lake) It could easily be 72 sometime next month.

      If you do get ice again sometime there really are only a few things to know. Drive slowly and controlled (no sudden moves). NEVER slam on the breaks and just give yourself alot of time to stop and a good amount of following distance between other cars.You can drive on ice and snow perfectly fine if you just take it controlled, easy, slow, and no panicking.

      AND Michigan is actually very beautiful especially up north. Hope you do get to see it sometime : )