Saturday, February 15, 2014

Today the Sun Shines Bright

We heard birds singing this morning.

My son glowed, beamed from ear to ear while listening to their songs. He tried to imitate them and ended up making odd squeaky noises. We looked for them out the backdoor and found them filling a tree in a yard a few houses away. It was fantastic. This has been a BEAUTIFUL, long, snowy, bitterly cold winter. Birds!!! Oh, lovely fluffy, ethereal birds!

I have to say that one of the dreams I hold dearest for the life of my son is that he will love nature; that he will appreciate the beauty and wonderment that fill this fantastic world we call home. Watching him delighted at early morning bird songs... a tiny step in the right direction for a dream come true!

AND Spring is on its way!

Jessica, I believe I heard at least one of them singing "happy birthday to you" (in birdy of course).


  1. Yes, spring is in the air! Love that the little dude was excited about birds :)

  2. I'm sure they were. I know that sunshine was my birthday gift from God and the birdies were an added bonus.