Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Quick Spending Update

Well February is still being... February. Blah!
Since I instituted a six week challenge for myself three days ago and I like to do quick daily updates along with such challenges AND it's been three days since an update: here I am.

Six weeks of not buying food while working and 24 no spends
-Monday I did NOT buy anything while working contrary to my plan of buying a cadbury egg. Don't fret I've had one since.
-Tuesday however I did spend money while working, 59 cents on a donut. I was feeling ill, tired, annoyed, and other such greatness. I had almost bought a 20 oz. coke plus some other $3 worth of food when I said, "NO little lady. Maybe your will power for buying a treat is none but that doesn't mean you have to spend $5." I'm actually quite proud of myself on that one. There's a big difference between 59 cents and $5.
-Wednesday I did not buy anything while working. Yay!

-On the no spend front: no news. I'm still struggling in that area. I've a lot on my plate this month and I'm finding it VERY difficult to plan as needed for no spends (and good spending). I intend before the night is up to sit down... that might not happen, anyway to squeak out a few minutes at a time for planning a good grocery trip and hopefully schedule a few well thought out no spend days.

Average daily spending for February: $18.64
I know, not good. I'm working on it.

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