Monday, February 24, 2014

Past Few Days Spending Rundown

Six weeks of not buying food while working and 24 no spends
-Thursday was so long ago I can hardly remember what I bought but I know I purchased food while working.
-Friday I did not spend money while working.
-Saturday = NO SPEND day 14 of the year
-Sunday = NO SPEND day 15 of the year

-Further on the no spend front: I'm rethinking the 24 in six weeks goal. I cannot get my mind around planning well AND spending little. But I've been really overwhelmed with other stuff this month too. We'll see how it goes. Today could be a no spend day but I almost think I'm better off picking up a very few bare minimum essentials today and then doing the same tomorrow. My spending is just SO far up this month that I wonder if trying to get $10 or $8 worth of stuff a day would work better for me right now (it is what I am used to). This planning thing is biting me in the butt because I'm spending so much at once and then going back for more shortly after. I am just awful at shopping. For real. I suck. Sorry for the whinny rambling paragraph of bore. I shall conclude now.

Average daily spending for February: $19.76
SOOO disappointing!!! I'm quite glad that we're only 2 months into 2014.


  1. I don't have any advice for you because I'm the opposite. I spend a lot more if I shop often.

  2. I know you will get back on track. One thing at a time, right? :)