Saturday, February 1, 2014

You'd Think I Bought Him a Pony

I sprung for the $3 (originally $6) shovel. It got all the way up to 21F today so we jumped at the heat wave and made a fort in the backyard.

We've gotten so much snow that we didn't actually have to build a fort at all. We just had to dig a hole in the center of the yard. He had so much fun this morning.

Of course mommy took the opportunity to do a full on photo shoot. It's the first time he's ever played in the snow though.
It's possibly the best $3 I've ever spent.


  1. So awesome! :) Happy for you guys!

  2. So sweet... makes me long for "those days" :) You will be SO glad you gave your boy a childhood filled with creative fun, NOT mindless spending. My grown sons still talk about the fun they had. No one is sad they didn't get every toy that came along (oh, at the time, they complained plenty, but that doesn't last).

    That was $3. well invested, indeed :)

  3. what a cutie, and he looks so happy!

  4. LOL....enjoy it while it lasts!
    By the time he's 16, when you want him to go shovel, he'll roll his eyes so far back into his head at you that he'll possibly need an "eyerollectomy". hehehehe