Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Wowzers I am struggling with will power this month. I made a stellar shopping list yesterday, stuck to my guns, only purchased what was on the list and today and tomorrow were scheduled no spends. Then I decided that I wanted to make chili tonight instead of meatloaf and ended up spending over $20 today... what?

Can I blame the major overage on eating much better food this month? I'll just do that. It's because we've had better healthier dinners. Lets not think about the 5th 20oz in two weeks and the unscheduled box of cheezits that I told myself I was not going to purchase.


  1. Now how on earth can changing the plan from meatloaf to chili cost an additional $20?!
    I think there was more than a box of Cheezits jumping into your cart. lol

    1. Hey, how'd you guess? I needed to pick up worcestershire for the meatloaf (which I did) but then I decided on chili so I picked up more meat, tomato sauce, an onion, and rotel tomatoes. It was the $10 bottle of carpet spray (one of the dogs made this necessary) that I plopped into the cart that really put the total up there. I feel like every trip to the store this month has been like this. I am getting really annoyed because all these "little" extras are not normal for me.