Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My Hats Are Feeling Rather Heavy This Month

February has thrown some added pressure into the mix. My mother in law comes over to our house for a few hours a few days a week to watch the munchkin. She's traveled to the other side of the country for the entire month; visiting with relatives, wine tours, whale watching, Chinese New Year celebrations and sushi. We can function rather well without her but not having that little overlap with our work schedules in the middle of the day means me working much earlier or later than usual, less time home together, and more one on one time with tired daddy and little Abe. I'm trying to be the nicest me I can be so hubby isn't entirely miserable from the extra "work" this month. Shoot, being nice is tiring.

I'm also stressing more than I should about the budget being really tight this month... probably all year and the fact that our van seems to have pooped out. We haven't taken it in anywhere due to lack of funds and we're crossing our fingers that it was just cold... hehe. I'm not so sure the brakes and power steering cut out just because it was 0 degrees outside. You know how sometimes things just weigh on your mind and drain you and make you feel weak and helpless? Well we're down a vehicle, down a baby sitter, locked in the house when the other adult is working, and short on cash. Fun stuff!

Balancing housework, spending time with Abe, sleeping (which I've been doing rather poorly since I'm stressing a bit), and work has just been pitiful thus far in February. I kind of think I need to take the advice of a good friend: make a list of everything I need accomplished and then just cross half of it off and let it go. Anyone want to throw a few hats in the fire with me?

The good news is that when I'm really tired, really stressed and short on cash I tend to throw abandoned to the wind and spend, spend, spend! Okay not good news; my spending is up this month and I'm not excited about it but I have been pretty disciplined. I don't feel like I've gone on anything even remotely resembling a spending spree. Just life I guess.

Blogging really is therapeutic. I think I'm going to light a lovely candle, turn on some pretty music, and make dinner now (while I spend time with my son who's popping bubbles in the kitchen). OH, he peed standing up today!!! That's something neat I think. Oh, my little man.

Now playing pretty music! 
Kari Jobe


  1. I hope you get a chance to reread your post as if someone else had written it :) There are a lot of challenges for you right now and you are being quite levelheaded and positive. You need a little more bubble-blowing time with your sweet baby boy, more singing out loud and more giggles over the learning-to-pee-standing-up highpoints of life. Thank goodness none of those will kick you in the pocketbook :)

    1. "I hope you get a chance to reread your post as if someone else had written it." - that's really good advice! And you are being positive!
      One teacher always said to us, "un-dramatize, un-dramatize, un-dramatize!" You know, try not to psych yourself out (hard, I know). But it's the fastest (and totally free) way for me to de-stress.

  2. We did just spend a few minutes dancing together : ) It was wonderful.

  3. I can very much relate to your post. Different specific issues, but the feeling that all of the challenges are weighing you down - kind of describe my situation perfectly.

    I just turned on Pandora, and the first song that came on was about being an optimist.

    I highly encourage the list making, and crossing off, followed by hot tea, yoga, a walk, whatever relaxes you. All of those are free (well, the yoga is only if you have a DVD or know your own poses)