Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Cherries Were a Bad Idea

But they were SOO delicious! I think they might be my new Cadbury Eggs. (going to be very hard to resist while they're in season)

It's pretty difficult to eat super cheap and healthily. Lately I've been noticing a little extra cushion around the middle and I'm not happy about it. Of course I wanted the 99 cent cheesy beefy melt burrito from taco bell for lunch today. I love the idea of only spending one dollar on lunch BUT there's got to be a thousand calories in one of those little buggars.

I decided for my tubby tummies sake I'd be strong and resist the beefy cheesy temptation. I have not been eating enough fruit lately so instead of the burrito I grabbed a banana and a handful of cherries from the produce department. I was quite proud of myself until I rang up the cherries... $2!!! I should have told the cashier that I didn't want them but I was so looking forward to them and I did technically sneak them out of the huge bag they were originally in so that I could purchase a small amount (they're priced per pound but they're pre-sorted into about 3 and 4 pound bags... shoot one of those would have cost $20).

Hopefully lesson learned; no more cherries for me. But oh my goodness were they delicious (and packed full of antioxidants). I spent $10.23 today ($2 on cherries). I managed to stay under $12 but it's still not quite good enough.


  1. It's pretty good though my dear ! You did great. Bananas in Australia are $14 a kilo after the floods in hot old Queensland where they are grown.I haven't had a banana in five months and I truly miss them !

  2. You set a goal of $12 per day. Why are you so hard on yourself if you are under that amount? Since you have given yourself $12 per day, don't beat yourself up if you're under that.

  3. I'm trying to make up some of the overage AND balance the $12 a day budget for the month. I'm still over.