Thursday, June 2, 2011

Debt quote Tuesday (Wednesday...oops, or maybe Thursday)

Debt is the worst poverty. -Thomas Fuller

I sort of forgot about debt quote Tuesday this week. I'm really liking this one though. As a general observation it seems to me that as long as people (countries, companies) are able to obtain credit they're able to maintain a superiority or at least a feeling of worth. While borrowing and spending and digging oneself into debt (at least in my experience) there's a feeling of euphoria. A "I've made it, I'm successful, I have stuff and money and freedom" aura and mentality is attached to borrowing (blindly). It is exhilarating swiping that plastic for a really huge purchase. It's like getting free stuff. You don't really have to pay for the item (at least not then and there) but you're instantly increased. You're a little bit richer, a little wealthier, a little more superior... but at what cost? The strings attached to that false sense of worth are horribly binding.

Debt is the worst poverty because it robs you blind (even though you must be a willing contributor). It makes you believe that you're something/ someone you're not. It encourages you to play the game and deceives you all the while. It allows for foolishness upon foolishness upon foolishness until the fool is utterly enslaved. Debt is a poverty that exists not only in the here and now but it's grasp has power way into your future.  

But I'll tell you what, I'm fighting back!

It's June. I spent $2 today (June 1). I'm $5.96 over budget for the week with 2 days to go.

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