Monday, June 20, 2011

Double Wammy Weekend

Day 170 of $12 a day. We've paid off $2217.16 of credit card debt this year.

I Spent $15.22 today (Sunday). A bit ahead but still not horrible.

I survived the first weekend of events. Father's day went over well (and SUPER cheap). My niece and nephews birthday party was awkward but good. I had received some nice kids water bottles for free from work about a week or two ago. I'd planned to give them to my nieces and nephews so they worked out well as birthday gifts. (sort of, awkward part: they already had the EXACT SAME two water bottles I gave them). I've always believed that my husband and I will have children someday. I've a pretty good size children's book collection, almost all of the books are brand new. I don't love giving them away but at the same time they're just sitting up stairs not being read. I gave my niece one of the books with her water bottle. We had a cars movie toy as well that we'd gotten awhile back and never given to anyone so I gave that to my nephew with his water bottle.

Second awkward part: I felt really weird going to the party and giving them gifts that I didn't go out and purchase for them. They seemed to love them as they were opened and oohed and ahhed at. But I think it always feels weird to be cheap. Total spent on Father's day and two birthday's: 14 cents!

AND I got rid of 4 things that had just been sitting around the house. Double Wammy!


  1. I wouldn't call you cheap. I'd call you resourceful, and an environmentalist! :)! Thoughtful gifts for .14. I'd give you a big gold star! :)!

  2. You should be proud! You did a great job of getting through the weekend with very little spent. Way to go :)

  3. Don't feel weird, you did great! Well done!!

    K xx

  4. Water bottles get lost, get left, get run over! You replaced something that they will lose. You did great!

  5. Thanks everyone. That's a really good though Out My Window. The water bottles are super cute and they do love the ones they already have so I guess back ups aren't a bad idea at all : )