Thursday, June 16, 2011


Day 166 of $12 a day. We've paid off $2170 of credit card debt this year.

We spent way too much yesterday. It was just the few extras. My husband decided on steak for dinner. We practically NEVER eat steak (actually we don't even eat beef). When we do we always get if from the little local meat shop down the road instead of getting it from the grocery store. So it's just plain expensive. The problem with yesterdays spend though was the little extras. For lunch I stopped at McD's for an iced mocha (which cost considerably more than I was expecting and I still got it anyway). Probably shouldn't do that again. When my husband picked up the meat he spent a few dollars on turkey jerky as well. Seriously the little extras slam us every time.

Spending tally: with only $25.81 left for the week in order to meet my $68.09 goal we spent $20.20 in ONE day. I've $5.61 left in the budget for the next two days and there's not any food in the house. I think we'll be eating eggs for dinner tonite but I don't think I'm quite going to make the $68.09 budget goal. Pretty safe to say I'll still be way under the $12 a day average for this week though. I'm happy with that.

Wishing everyone a splendid Thursday!!! I like Thursdays. They're so close to Fridays which are pretty great because they precede Saturdays  : )  Yep


  1. Just wondering.. do you coupon?? I am a single mom with a 9 year old son and LIVE off coupons. I know if I were planning on being as strict as regimented as you are trying to be it would help a lot. Keep in mind - sign up for all your favorite places. Go to and register yourself - they send coupons randomly for free items. Do this with anyplace you enjoy. Try swagbucks for your search engine and earn points for starbucks giftcards. This can be really helpful in your journey! :) Good luck.

  2. You might have spent more than you wanted to, but you are still doing an amazing job !

  3. You're doing great, however... I'm noticing a pattern? It seems like when hubby is around, you have a hard time meeting your goals. Maybe you need to get him on board?

    I can't tell if he's compliant with the $12-a-day plan or not, but it sounds like you need to reign him in. Not trying to be rude, just making an observation :)

  4. PS - Maybe you should consider splitting your $12-a-day with him. Tell him he has $6 per day and you have $6 per day. And at the end of the week, see where you both stand. He'll be envious if you've managed to save $42 by the end of the week and he's blown it all on steak or something. Maybe you need to separate your spending habits and see who is the real culprit?