Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Vacation Begins Today!

Day 159 of $12 a day. We've paid off $2115 of credit card debt this year.

My husband is going to Bonnoroo (huge music festival) for almost a week. I took the rest of the week off of work so that I could chill at home with the doggies and revamp the house. I'm excited about the time off and about how much I might possibly get accomplished around here. I'm thinking of taking before and after photos just for the fun of it.

Of course we "had to" go out to eat last night since it'd be our last dinner together for awhile. Stupid, stupid, stupid... With last night's dinner and today's spending I'm at a total of $18.05 spent today. There's $4.94 left in the budget for the next two days (I end my week on Friday). Honestly though I'm positive that I'll meet this weeks budget because I'll be stuck at home away from the grocery store and when I'm alone I can eat REALLY SUPER CRAZY CHEAP. Actually I'm pretty excited about next week's budget too. Hopefully I'll be able to tackle some of the overage because the first 3 days of the week my husband will be gone. I won't really need to spend money on anything and I should be able to catch back up a bit.

I'm going to miss the man and he is spending A TON of money on Bonnaroo (I'm justifying it because he's not spending anything above the overtime he worked the past two weeks) but I'm also a little excited about the $12 a day potential bounce back and my time off.


  1. Good luck for the next two days.

    I am super jealous of your husband right now.
    Mumford and Sons, The Black Keys, Arcade Fire and Florence + The Machine. Oh can't forget about Bootsey Collins, Baby!

    I hope he has fun!

  2. Oh, my goodness he's going to have the time of his life! He's SOOOO excited about getting there and seeing EVERYONE.

  3. I think you've done great! and a few days at home doing your own thing will be nice

  4. I love it when my husband is gone. I can eat cold cereal the kids don't care. I can read, I really save money when he is out of town. Have a great time!