Friday, June 10, 2011

Coffee Woes

Day 161 of $12 a day. We've paid off $2115 of credit card debt this year.

Well I came in a tad under budget for the week but I also spent my last few dollars on Starbucks. I've totaled this week at $82.72 / $11.81 a day. SOOO happy to finally have come in under budget again and even though I haven't bought anything from Starbucks in quite awhile I'd really like that to be one establishment that I work out of my life completely (except when on vacation in a big city like Chicago or Seattle or NYC... that would be my exception). I haven't anything against Starbucks. I vastly enjoy their beverages. They're marketing geniuses. Their mugs are pretty snazzy (being a coffee connoisseur I'm a pretty big fan of mugs too). But the business itself is too readily accessible. It caters to coffee AND spending addiction. I genuinely believe that supporting smaller cafes is a much better way to blow $4. So I really would like to cut that business out of my life.

Thank-you for taking a moment to read, once again, my coffee woes  : )

You know what, I'm adding this one to my goals side bar... done!


  1. YOU deserve it ! If I lived near you I would take you out for a coffee to celebrate your fabulousness. Hope you enjoyed every last drop !

  2. Good for you for coming in under budget and for cutting out Starbucks. Their coffee is SO overpriced, it's ridiculous. When I do buy a fancy coffee, I buy from my local coffee shop and not only it is way cheaper, the taste just doesn't compare.

  3. Thanks to you both! Tasmanian Minimalist your comment really made me smile, thanks for that!!!