Thursday, June 9, 2011

First Day of Vacation

Day 160 of $12 a day. We've paid off $2115 of credit card debt this year.

I accomplished a lot of cleaning today and I didn't spend any money. That leaves $4.94 for tomorrow in order to balance this weeks budget. Hooray for baking soda.

I hope to paint the foundation of the house tomorrow as it is looking dreadful. The chipping, sanding, washing, plus fresh coat of paint would be a nice surprise for the hubby once he arrives home. I opened a new checking account today with ulterior motives. It was one of those "we'll give you $100 if you open an account" deals. I just couldn't resist. I feel a little scammy about it... I'm not going to keep the account but if they're going to give me $100 just for opening it I'm not going to pass that up.

I "should" put it towards the Citibank card but it's getting really hot outside and the dog's hair is just getting longer and longer. We've miniature schnauzers, they don't shed, and they've been panting ALOT lately. Getting them groomed is far from cheap but we've tried cutting their hair ourselves and failed miserably. I'm most likely going to use much of the newly acquired $100 for the doggies and I think the rest might just pay for tomorrows paint. But I don't have to take the $100 out of the budget so that's a plus.

Hey, MANY of you have been leaving SUPER nice, encouraging, and thoughtful comments lately. I'm truly blown away by the blogging community and all of you who've been taking the time to stop by. Many, many, many thanks to you beautiful people and I'm truly enjoying reading through your posts as well. I quite officially like blogging WAY more than facebook. Ok, I feel a little ashamed for having admitted to that one. Yes I'm a facebook addict. I scroll through the feed several times a day to keep up on the many many posts. Blogging is WAY way WAY better!

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  1. I totally agree about the awesome blogging community. I too have found that I check my blog roll as often as I do my facebook and really enjoy it. Enjoy your stay-cation. Sounds like you are getting lots of work done! I have a giant schnauzer and a half schnauzer and half poodle so I do a lot of clipping/grooming at my house. I quit paying the groomer and bought a pair of decent clippers. The dogs definately aren't show quality but they enjoy the short hair in the summer time.