Saturday, January 7, 2012

45 Goals Friday (ok, Saturday)

Four Daily Goals that I haven't done very often but that I love
21. Brush the dog's teeth: This is a goal that's been helping remind me to do a chore that I really dread but that really needs to be done.
22. Read a book for at least 15 minutes everyday: I've actually done pretty good with this one. I love that it's on my daily goals list because it's a great reminder to make the time to do something that I love to do. This is one of my favorite goals.
23. Pay a bit of attention to me: This goal is nice because it reminds me to consciously take a bit of time out to pamper myself, to relax, to let it all go and just be calm.
25. Go outdoors: I love this goal because even when I don't accomplish it (which is lame because it's the easiest thing in the world to do) it reminds me every single day that the real world exists outside of our walls; work walls, home walls, car walls. Even when we don't notice them the stars, the trees, the wind, the rivers, puddles, and lakes, the wildlife and majesty of the great outdoors is still all there.

Four Daily Goals that I've kicked butt with that I think are great
1. Balance the checkbook everyday: I really feel that this is the number one thing that keeps me on track with spending responsibly. I'm very thankful for this goal.
3. Throw some change in the Christmas jar everyday: I'm loving this one too. It's neat watching the money build up. I've never been a big saver but it's kind of fun knowing that you're putting away a little something for good future use.
7. Write down EVERY purchase: This has been great too, so far. It's neat jotting down what I bought and seeing that it's just the necessities. I feel pretty darn accomplished for having made it through a day successfully (financially speaking).
41. Eat Chocolate: This goal makes me feel great. Everyday I've made a point to eat a bit of chocolate and I always feel good about it because I'm accomplishing a goal every time I do. This might be my favorite of the 45 goals (43 so far).


  1. I've been writing down my purchases this year too. I want to make a spreadsheet to see where my money goes each month!

    Haha, goal 41 is ace!

    Your paragraph about going outdoors is beautiful. I will keep it in mind on days when I feel to busy to see the world!

  2. I LOVE your goal 41! My hubby's Grandma is 96, and she claims that a secret to her longevity is that she eats a couple pieces of dark chocolate every day:)