Friday, January 27, 2012

Sleep Eludes Me


AND I really actually hate money. Can we go back to working the fields and bartering our goods please? I'll get a cow and some chickens, have a big veggie patch, and probably almost starve during the middle of these harsh winters but at least I'll feel more like a human being* and less like a machine. Wait, I guess that's sort or what farmers and the Amish do... but there's still money involved.

This could go on for hours. Instead, I'm going to leave for work and try and be on time today.

*for at least the first 10 years of my life I thought we were called human BEANS. No one could ever explain to me how we were in any way related to a bean because they never understood that I was saying BEAN. I was very inquisitive along these lines for YEARS. It frustrated me so much. If I'd never learned to read you my friend (and I) would still be human beans (at least in my little world).


  1. :D Beans! :D

    It would be so nice to go back to that day and age. I would grow veg and keep chickens for eggs. My great grandmother always used to keep pigs to eat waste and to provide food. I wouldn't wanna eat my piggies though - I love piggies!

  2. Haha I just had to leave a comment in response to Human Beans - that is priceless :D

  3. I thought the same thing, and you can't sleep because you are huge pregnant. You can't get comfortable and when you do the little guy starts to ride his tricycle around. It will be over soon and you will sleep better. Well for shorter periods of time but better.

  4. Just a few more days, you are getting so close!!