Saturday, January 21, 2012

Baby Shower Round 2

I think I've turned into a monster.

I am mildly suffering from a cold and apparently colds and pregnancy don't mix well because I've been crying all day. None the less I'm feeling terrible for the feelings I'm experiencing after the baby shower today. You'd expect me to be overcome with gratitude and thankfulness, much like I was after the last AWESOME shower of blessings we received. Instead I'm feeling incredibly overwhelmed by all the STUFF that we just received, much of which we do not need at all. (we did get some GREAT gifts that will be used daily once the little guy arrives... but there was ALOT of... random stuff)

I live in a house full of stuff. I'm trying to bring as little as possible into this house now that I've come to the realization that we need very little of what we already have. I'm also trying to get rid of a lot of the stuff that we've accumulated that's just taking up space and causing me restlessness. Additionally I'm trying to pay off debt (alot of which is the direct result of said STUFF!). This paying off debt thing AND having a difficult time affording things we actually NEED, like car maintenance, dog food, healthy people food... oh my am I ranting... it's not exactly what I'd call fun.

Ok, okay get to the point. Now our unborn child has all this stuff of his very own, much of which is terribly unnecessary and I'm feeling very overwhelmed, and ungrateful, and like a horrible person. Well folks I believe I've officially turned into a simplist. I'm having a difficult time being thankful for the mound of stuff that's just entered our house. That's TERRIBLE! It's really terrible. I've become a monster.

I think I need to take some more vitamin C and go to sleep now. Good nite.

For example we received 15 hooded bath towels for our little guy. The husband and I only own in total 7 bath towels for ourselves. I'm pretty sure we don't need 15 hooded bath towels for the baby. Ok, I'm done now.


  1. Wow, 15 hooded bath towels. I'm sure no one would call you a monster if you were able to exchange over half of those for something useful like breast milk storage bags or formula. Those items aren't as fun to buy as hooded bath towels that make a baby look like a duck, but they benefit the baby a lot more. I hope you were able to get some much needed rest.

  2. Take them back to the respective stores and get gift cards. By diapers as needed. You are hormonal and that is natural. This is a sure sign that things are getting close.

  3. That does not make you a monster. That is too many. I agree with out my window. See if you can perhaps get gift cards for more useful items. :)

  4. That's absolutely ridiculous. I don't think baby showers are very common in the UK (never heard of anyone having one anyway), but even if they were it sounds a bit crazy!

    Were the presents all unwrapped at the same time? Did everyone see how they'd all got the same things? Lol. I think it's entirely natural to feel like you don't want that mountain of random stuff. Change it for useful "boring-present" items!

  5. While you won't need 15 will need more than you think. You will be grateful for some extra when you are behind on laundry!

    I would say 10 is enough. Take the rest back.

  6. Ugh, pregnant moms are especially miserable! Get better soon. We never needed more than 5 towels with either of my boys. You can return the rest and get something you really need! I'm your new follower here!