Sunday, January 1, 2012

January First 2012

I wrote all the goals out and put a few photos with them. I still have two goals to think up and I'll add more photos later. I would like to have made my list in color but I couldn't find any crayons or markers so a black sharpie it was. The photo is awful but here's the list big and bold and hanging on my wall for me to view everyday.

I have a lot of challenges, a lot of hard work and stickin to it to do this year but I'm ready to start a fresh. I do not intend to accomplish every goal every day but it's something to shoot for. I think I'd be happy if I accomplish half of the list every day although I imagine it'll be much more than that. We'll see.

This morning I calculated our spending for 2011. The $12 a day spending ended up coming out to $13.70 a day. I think that's fabulous. I think I can officially call 2011 a success. 

Happy 2012 to all my faithful readers and everyone who happens to stop on by!!! This year has quite the potential  : )

BIG SHOUT OUT to my sis and sister in law, Bryallen, Out My Window, Joy, Michelle P, Tasmanian Minimalist, Louise, Kathryn, Hawaii Planner, Mysti, allie.duckienz, babybluewater, Absentminded Mother, Keshling, Andy, Mom of G, and Melanie who left many many MANY a supportive comment over the year!!!

I know there're many others who've commented and who are faithful readers without commenting... I greatly appreciate you all too!


  1. Hey, Happy New Year! You've got a massive excitement to look forward to so keep on letting us know how it's going. You're doing a fab job M.
    Love to you all

    K xx

  2. Thanks for the shout out! I hope 2012 is great for you.

  3. :) Thanks, and a happy new year to you! That average spend per day is FANTASTIC!!! Especially when you were so worried about going over budget in certain months!

    The list on the wall is a great idea!

  4. Thanks to you for sharing your story. I'm still around although I don't always comment, things have been crazy on a personal level, but I'm getting better. Wishing you all the best in 2012. Love your handmade list!