Monday, January 2, 2012

How Much Weight Did you Lose Today?

Apparently "attempting" to get healthy is a holiday season now. At least that's how the stores are making it seem. There are displays all over (including where the Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas items currently were) containing health foods, work out videos,  exercise equipment, you name it... it's get in shape time!

I couldn't help but giggle about it all day today while I was working in the stores. In my opinion "getting in shape" never really works. Diets aren't healthy. Trying to lose 20 pounds usually backfires a few months down the road and additional weight is found. Healthy living is a constant, daily lifestyle choice not a seasonal holiday type experience. If you don't regularly eat healthy foods then trying to eat healthy for a season won't do you much good. If you don't regularly exercise then working out for a few months isn't going to do you a huge amount of good. Thems the facts folks. For anyone who wants to get in shape: more power to you! But I think it should come with a commitment to live life differently then what got you to where you're at and apparently unsatisfied with.

It's the same with finances. If you stop using credit cards while you attempt to pay them back but then resume using credit you'll probably end up in the same mess all over again. If you stick to a budget while you're broke and then throw it out the window once you come into some money you'll probably end up broke all over again. Life, responsible living with grand results is much more difficult to transverse then we all acknowledge. Responsible healthy living cannot be a seasonal thing. Either you live it or you don't.

I'm pretty excited to be starting a second year of debt reduction, penny pinching, focused on financial freedom living. Every baby step gets you closer. Every good decision moves you towards that light at the end of the tunnel. I'm in this for the long haul.

I've 23 of the 45 goals accomplished for today. With the exception of two that I already failed at I should be able to get the rest accomplished before bed.

Today's lovely: The snow. We haven't had snow but twice this entire winter and it didn't stay for more than a few hours the previous two times. Today we're having a blizzard, a beautiful, ferocious, fluffy white blizzard. I LOVE the way snow completely transforms the entire world. It's breath taking, mesmerizing, awe inspiring, and today we're finally getting pummeled!

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  1. Yep, that is January, goals, diets, debt reduction, white sales!