Thursday, January 12, 2012

Week 2 of 2012 Begins

Wrapping up the first financial week of 2012 I'm $22.18 over budget.

The $36.56 bag of cat food did not help the budget this week, that's for sure. The plan this week is to try and make up for at least half of the overage $11.09. I'm not going to set aside money for future purchases this week because obviously we've already spent it. I'll take $72.91 cash out of the bank, put it in the spending envelope, and shoot for a balanced budget this week. I also need to figure something out with the husband's spending. He's been VERY undisciplined since Christmas. I'm trying to keep a level head about it BUT it's driving me crazy.

I'm REALLY enjoying keeping track of all my purchases. I only spent money on 34 things this week. I'd say most people have twice that in their shopping carts on a regular basis. I could definitely have done without the lunch at Applebees but it seemed necessary. I was SOOO mad at the husband for his reckless spending and if I hadn't treated myself to that little outing with my sister I think I may have caused him bodily harm (due to bent up anger and frustration). I'm pretty satisfied with everything else on the list.

34. Fig Newtons $2.50  
33. Water 74 cents
32. Yogurt $1
31. lunchable $1.58
30. Banana 24 cents
29. coffee $1.06
28. Bread $1.67
27. Toilet Paper $2.50
26. Fish sticks $3.99
25. Sausage $2.89
24. Eggs $1.79
23. Shower Curtain Liner $3
22. Brownie $1.79
21. Pizza $12
20. Cereal $2.50
19. Chai $3.85
18. Blueberries $4
17. Milk $5
16. Coffee $1.06
15. LUNCH (applebees) $12.51
14. Cookies 41 cents
13. Lean Cuisine $2.00
12. Coffee $4.82
11. Dog food $40.99
10. Cat food $36.56
9. Lunchable $1.58
8. Bananas $1.17
7. Cereal $2.50
6. Restroom stuff 80 cents
5. Coffee $1.06
4. Eggs $1.79
3. Ketchup $2.59
2. Candy 15 cents
1. Phone call $2.00

Here's to a new financial week, hopefully a quick Thursday and Friday (as work is getting very difficult), a later blizzard than predicted (as I have to drive an hour home in the white stuff), and a day filled with lovelies!!!


  1. I need to keep track of my purchases like you.

  2. I have found this to be the single most useful activity. I find it painful to actually write things down when I have spent. Well done girl x