Friday, January 20, 2012

A Pleasant Tuesday Evening / 45 Goals Friday

The husband had band practice Tuesday night. I decided I'd take the few hours free time and focus on the 45 daily goals. I like them and the fact that they encourage me daily to accomplish a lot of stuff that I might otherwise have forgotten but I certainly have not been accomplishing them all on a regular basis. I'm pretty good with the financial goals: balance the check book, write down purchases, only use cash, ect; But I neglect a lot of the little ones that I put in place specifically so that I might enjoy the journey a bit more.

I successfully marked off all but 5 of them. I was late for work, so I couldn't mark off goal 16. I didn't eat enough veggies but I wasn't going to make a special trip to the store just so I could mark off goal 18. I didn't keep track but I'm sure I spent more than an hour on the computer (stupid computer); goal 29. I did not sell anything, or ear mark anything for sale; goal 31. And I did not accomplish anything artsy; goal 37. Although if I had an hour more free time I'd have ventured out into the icy night to take photographs of the snow covered cat tails and icy bushes.

It was very nice having the free time to mark off many of the other goals that I'd yet to tackle. Lately I feel like I haven't a moment free, ever. I took a long shower followed by foot creme (that always makes me feel pampered). I completed 2 loads of laundry (yes folded them too). I brushed the dogs teeth. It'd been several days since the last brushing. I spent some time reading the Bible, which was very nice. I got rid of a few more things from the bathroom cupboard that I haven't used in years. I also made a little home for baby stuff in there. I like the 45 goals alot. I wish I had a few hours every night to devote to them. Ideally I should accomplish most of them throughout the day but at least I was able to bundle them all together the other night and feel the success.

Ahhh, accomplishment!

The Goals: I highlighted the ones I've been accomplishing daily
1. Balance the checkbook everyday
2. Get rid of something useless everyday
3. Throw some change in the Christmas jar everyday
4. Cash envelope it!

5. Cook everyday/ Don't eat out (one weekly allowance)
6. Stretch please
7. Write down EVERY purchase
8. Sorry, no coffee shop coffee today (one monthly allowance)
9. Really sincerely thank someone today
10. Set aside $2 for future purchases
11. Designate $2 for the peanut
12. There's $10 for spending today
13. Remember your 50 cent sugar allowance
14. Pray... it helps significantly
15. DO NOT throw out food!

16. Be on time for work.
17. Eat at least 2 servings of fruit
18. 2 to 3 servings of Veggies (yes you can)
19. Lots and lots of water... about 72 oz.
20. Don't buy something; Just put it back!

21. Brush the dog's teeth
22. Read a book for at least 15 minutes everyday
23. Pay a bit of attention to me; sit in massage chair, or put on hot neck wrap, or use foot cream, or sit in a quite room with a cup of tea, something for me
24. Notice the lovelies... look, look, look and keep on looking
25. Go outdoors
26. Give something to the husband
27. Fold the laundry
28. Conserve energy: turn off lights, use less water
29. No more than 1 hour on computer
30. Take advantage of facebook and leave someone a note
31. Sell something
32. 1 pat on the back: Point out 1 positive thing about me
33. 1 pat on the back: Point out 1 positive thing about the hubby
34. Don't complain
35. Recycle (more)
36. Compost
37. Get artsy: Photograph, draw, sew, write, craft... DO SOMETHING ARTISTIC today!
38. The overdraft account is not an option!
39. Make some Bible time
40. Think about/ remember Guatemala. Put things into perspective everyday.
41. Eat Chocolate
42. Exercise
43. Tell my boy how much I love him and possibly sing him a little song (probably don't need to make this one of the 45 but I couldn't resist)
44. Blog
I haven't come up the 45th one yet.

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