Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy Easter???


This could be bad for the budget. I've got 3 months ahead of me now of attempting Cadbury egg resistance. (I bought three of them today as soon as I saw them). Uh oh.

I've officially decided that Cadbury eggs are my favorite candy after the boutique chocolate from Vosges in Chicago. Those bad boy's run about $2.50 per truffle BUT they're a once or twice a year purchase and pretty much I only ever get them as a gift from someone who loves me. Cadbury eggs run about 79 cents each which seems like a ton of money for a small ball of chocolate BUT it's so worth it to me. It's a good thing that I won't be in the stores during half of February, all of March, and April.  That should help : )  I don't think I can resist those little chocolate eggs for too long.


  1. I ate my first one today.. :D They were 2 for £1 at the fuel station. Mmmmm

  2. Sometimes you can get a bag of teeny Creme Eggs for £1 and near Easter they go on offer £1.49 for 6 near me. Nom nom nom!!

    K xx

  3. Here in Australia you can get a Cadbury Creme Bar, it's the same chocolate & filling as the eggs but in bar form so they're available all year! I don't know if you get them where you are?

  4. Have you noticed how much smaller they are than when you were a child ?