Thursday, January 19, 2012

Week 3 of 2012 Begins

I managed to stick to budget. Yay, hooray. Week 2 equals a success! I didn't make up the $11.09 overage that I was shooting for from last week but I made up 99 cents of it.

This week I made 30 purchases. The Jet's pizza was totally uncalled for. I'm surprised that I was able to pay $15.22 for a photo album and still make budget. There is also coffee shop coffee in those 30 purchases. I have these moments of weakness and I just can't do what's right. What a little kid I am. 

The other day I saw this 2 year old walk over to a carton of cupcakes. They were really good looking cupcakes. His mom was still getting the shopping cart ready; pulling it out of the coral, wiping it off with the little sanitizer wipe. He picked up the carton of 8 or so little cakes and brought them right over to the cart. He was too short to put them in it but he lifted them up at the side and attempted to get them in the freshly sanitized cart. I thought it would have made for a splendid first purchase. Of course his mother grabbed them, brought them back to the cupcake table, lifted him up into the cart and rolled off. He didn't protest but he watched the cupcakes fade from his view. 

I thought to myself, "now that little guy knew what he wanted." There wasn't anything special about the situation but he seemed so grown up about it. Just matter of fact, "I'm going to get these cupcakes." I was thinking that his idea was a rather impressive one. For a moment I thought I might give a home to the recently orphaned cakes. Then I realized that what I want is to get out of debt. What I want is to be financially stable, financially free, financially healthy. What I want is a good strong home for my little man and for my big man. What I want doesn't involve (too many) cupcakes, or dinners out on the town, or new things. If a two year old doesn't have to think twice about what he wants, "I'm getting these cupcakes," then it shouldn't be that difficult for me to act upon my impulses. Apparently I just need to get my impulses to line up with what I really want.

Week Two's 30 Purchases (4 less than last week)
30. Taco Bell $3.36 1.17
29. Sandwich $1.06 1.17
28. An Orange 40 cents 1.17
27. Coffee $1.06 1.17
26. Yogurt 40 cents 1.17
25. Eggs 99 cents 1.16
24. Milk $2.50 1.16
23. Cadbury egg 79 cents 1.16
22. Jets Pizza $15.89 1.14
21. Greenies (dog bones) $4.32 1.14
20. Panera $5.59 1.14
19. Photo Album for baby shower $15.22 1.14
18. Cadbury eggs $2.37 1.14
17. McD's ??? 1.13
16. Cereal $4 1.13
15. Grape Juice $3 1.13
14. Toilet Paper $8.13 1.13
13. Yogurt $2 1.13
12. Chai mix $3.85 1.13
11. Ground Chicken $3.19 1.13
10. Milk Bones $2.99 1.13
9. Spaggetti Sauce $1.92 1.13
8. Latte $3.76 1.13
7. Taco Bell $3.57 1.12
6. Peanuts $1.19 1.12
5. coffee $1.06 1.12
4. Banana 20 cents 1.12
3. Lunchable $1.58 1.12
2. cookies 38 cents 1.12
1. Yogurt 50 cents 1.12


  1. That is a really nicely written post. :) I definitely still need to work on getting my priorities in order. I meant to do some de-cluttering this morning. So far I've just repeatedly checked a PhD application to see if the references have been submitted. Come ONNNNNN TUTORS! Also been trawling the blogosphere for far too long the past week.

    No more computer until this evening (and only then to check references again...)

  2. I swear it was one of my sons that you saw!! They always know what THEY want!! And work really hard to get it!

  3. I love you purchases they are so like mine. Now big just consistently small and they add up!