Sunday, September 14, 2014

Been Absent but Very Busy/ Plus a Little Rant About Midwives

My work schedule was pretty loaded last week.
I've recently been organizing a "family gathering" for the four groups of people I've traveled to Guatemala with over 4 years.
I babysat for a friend on Friday directly after work.
Yesterday was the Guatemala teams family reunion.
I don't feel as though I've sat down for the past week.

Plus I haven't been sleeping well because the hospital I delivered at just announced they're doing away with the midwives. I'm heart broken. I hope to have more children but even if I never do I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to deliver at a hospital with a midwife as opposed to a OB/GYN doc. The midwives were the PERFECT choice for me and I am devastated that other woman in my area won't have the option that myself and so many others had. If I do have more children I CANNOT imagine anyone else assisting the birth but the midwives I saw with little Abe. I love them! It's weird how something like this can cause a person to loose sleep but for me it is. The midwives were such an enormous part of my pregnancy, labor, and delivery. I've seen 4 OB/GYN docs and never felt comfortable (even felt traumatized honestly) with them. I'm so sad.

Actually, no matter where you're at if you agree that woman should have the option of seeing a doctor or a midwife at the hospital they choose to deliver their children at please join the facebook page that was created in support of these amazing woman. We're trying desperately to reverse the hospital's decision. We're speculating that it's completely financial. Midwives cost less than doctors. They use considerably less intervention methods and medications which brings in less revenue for the hospital for each midwife assisted birth. There was definitely not an incident that brought this decision about so it seems that it could only be a greedy money thing. The link to the support page is here. There are some neat birth stories on the page too. Many of us have shared how our experience was and why the midwives mean so much to us. I will be protesting. I have never protested anything in my life but I will be holding a sign in protest with my son and the other moms in my community who are outraged.

I just added up my spending for the past week and it's still pretty bad. I need to purchase more dog food tomorrow. That's going to make it really skyrocket! We're invited over to a friends house for dinner tonight. I should pretty easily be able to pull off a no spend day today at least. Ah, one day at a time!

Average daily spending for September: $23.65