Thursday, September 18, 2014

Well Folks, We Have a Petition Now

My local hospital just announced that they are discontinuing the use of their midwifery services. This announcement has caused quite the stir in my community as many of us LOVE the midwives that practice at our hospital. I believe that every woman should have options when it comes to such an amazing and vulnerable time in their lives. Whether you want to deliver at home, in a hospital, with a doctor, with a midwife; these options should be available. Our hospital taking away the option for us to deliver there with a midwife is unbelievably disheartening.

I personally chose to birth my son in a hospital assisted by two incredible midwives. It was the perfect decision for me. I had to be induced as I was almost two weeks late and there were signs that my baby had stopped growing but my midwife worked to induce me naturally so that I didn't have to have pitocin. I communicated early on that I did not want an epidural or medication and thankfully during my labor and delivery no one asked me if I did. I felt very respected, cared for and comforted throughout the very personal and vulnerable experience. Medical intervention statistically is much lower with midwife assisted births than with those done by doctors. For woman like me who desire more natural methods and less to no intervention midwives are a great choice.

I'm devastated that the hospital only a few blocks from my house is taking this away from me and all the other woman in my community. Our midwives are amazing. We've started a petition to let our voices be heard. Woman should have options when it comes to their health care and most especially something so life changing like pregnancy, labor, and delivery. If you would add your name to the petition letting my "community" hospital know that the community of woman in this country believe they should have options available to them concerning their health care and pregnancies. I personally appreciate your support beyond measure. I'm praying daily that this terrible decision would be reversed. (Our midwives are not gone yet. They're scheduled to be done practicing at the hospital on December 5th of this year)

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  1. I find it very weird and disturbing that in 'poor' countries, loads of attention is given to safe birthing for women. Yet in the countries trying to help make that possible, it is made a lot harder with every budget cut and penny pinching method.
    My local hospital closed its official ward, even with everybody protesting (including doctors and midwives ). If anything would be going wrong, i would now have to go to a hospital 20min away, in summer it takes 45min easily. by car.As the ambulance is only called in if there is no other option.

    1. That is crazy! I find it sad that we're living in a culture where money is so important (not that making a profit is a bad thing in anyway but sometimes like when people's health is involved it shouldn't be the first priority above all else) that the people involved are very often not taken into consideration anymore. Money, money, MONEY! It's just sad.