Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tons of Free Dutch Fun With the Kiddos

Don't ask me how the Dutch have fun... I haven't the foggiest.

I asked my sister in law if she'd want to get the kiddos together at a park today. She suggested we go to the Dutch heritage village in her town instead. It would have cost me and little Abe $13 (or maybe $8 if he's still too little to be charged, not sure) but she lives in the town so she gets in free. We just rode with her.

Her two oldest children were in school but little Abe got to spend the morning playing with his cousin who's only 6 months older than him and he got to visit a tiny bit with the baby of the family. There was a carousel for the kids to ride, a neat veggie and herb garden that the kiddos were allowed to water with little watering cans, chickens and peacocks to look at (and talk to), a nice play ground set, an old Dutch Organ that we got to listen to (his cousin danced the cutest little dance to the music), a large windmill from the Netherlands we got to go into, and there were horses in a pasture to look at. I'll mention the flowers and landscaping that covered the entire grounds on my own behalf. I can't say my little one was super impressed with them but the village has some great gardeners working for them. The flower beds were spectacular.

I extend a hearty thanks to my sister in law for visiting with us this morning, for coming up with a great adventure, and for getting us in free. Free adventures always leave me feeling so accomplished and satisfied! Now I'm off to work for the day.