Wednesday, September 3, 2014

So Simple it was Silly

I just got back from an hour long walk with little Abe. What an adventure!

It's not that we don't go for walks but I usually consider a walk a good source of exercise and I take him in a stroller. Today we ventured out both on foot. I don't think I burned a ton of calories but we explored our neighborhood together and we had a great time.

Picked up sticks, broke them, and used them as swords
Said hi to neighbors and the mail man
Jumped on our shadows and played shadow tag
Found ant holes and watched the little guys racing in and out
Got to watch a few garbage trucks collecting trash close up (Abe LOVES garbage truck day)
Felt the bark on several different trees and looked for bugs crawling in the "tunnels" (I learned that tree bark has tunnels)
Watched a squirrel eat his lunch
Walked down our alley and got to look at our backyard from the other side of our fence (the new perspective was really fun)
Jumped off tree stumps and rocks and the occasional weed in the middle of the sidewalk (not much of a leap but still fun)
Played "I spy"
Talked about the names of different streets and started to learn our address
Got down on hands and knees and looked at dew drops on blades of grass (he got to pop the drops with his fingers and get his hands all wet)
Had the simplest of adventures!

Sure it wasn't much of a "work-out," sure there was a skinned knee, sure we walked around one or two blocks twice, sure we didn't get anything new or keep any of the treasures we found but my little guy had so much fun on our walk (I did too) and he learned a lot also. Life with a two year old is constantly new, constantly fun, and so easily adventurous. I sheepishly admit that going for a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood where we noticed and explored nature was surprisingly very new and adventurous.

Like I'm always saying, you really just need to remember to look. There is SOOOOO much lovely out there just waiting to be experienced and noticed. It's almost always found in the simplest things.


  1. I just love this! It's so nice to just take a step back on the daily stuff and notice all these beautiful things around us.

    Thanks for this post!

    1. Thank-you. It's times like this when we find something totally "new" that really isn't new at all and experience so much fun in doing so that really just amaze me. We had a blast.