Monday, September 8, 2014

Goose For Dinner

That tomato back there is the only one it's plant produced.
Its some sort of purple/ black tomato.

I think I managed to rather successfully cook the goose my father in law shot (round one anyhow). Seared in a hot pan on each side for 1 minute and then cooked in the oven; I think I had it at 375 for 15 minutes. It is a lot like steak with a very gamy after taste. I cooked it better than any steak I've tried at anyhow. My mom never could cook steak either... at least when I lived with her.

My husband refuses to eat it because he's... stubborn. He will be eating leftover chili tonight and little Abe and I will be eating more goose breast steaks. My chili is quite good but if you ask me he's missing out. I mean, how often does one eat goose?

I'm shooting for a no spend day today which would put September's daily average at $28.53. Yep, it's still really up there!


  1. That looks wonderful. I've eaten goose only a couple of times (it's becoming more popular as a Christmas lunch here) and I thought it was scrummy but yours is presumably wild goose which should be wonderful.

    1. Thank-you. You are correct. My father in law, an avid hunter shot several wild geese and shared his bounty with us. I do not consider myself an excellent cook by any measure but I tried with all my might to cook this correctly. We'll see how it turns out tonight... I'm hoping just as well at least. I still have four or five breasts left to cook.