Friday, September 26, 2014

The Mailman Brought me my Very Brand New Bike!!!

Funny Story. Maybe two weeks ago the neighbors across the street put a REALLY nice little spider man bicycle at the curb for trash pick up. I saw it on my way home and ran inside to tell my husband about it. I said "We should walk over and get it because it looks like it's in perfect condition." My husband said, "No way. We are not taking the neighbor's trash... well maybe when it gets dark." I told him that it would never be there until dark. It looked in perfect condition. It was a little too big for Abe but in less than a year he'd be big enough to ride it.

First mistake, the kiddo heard the entire conversation. Second mistake, I should have just walked over as soon as I got out of the car instead of going inside to discuss it with the hubby. Not more than three minutes later, as little Abe was looking out the window at "his new bike" (at least he was under the impression it was his) a man rode past on a bicycle, turned around, stopped at the neighbors trash pile, pressed on the tires of the spiderman bike, shook it a little and then picked it up and rode off.

Little Abe screeched in horror. "That man, that man, that bad man took MY brand new bike!!!" He began to cry and repeat this sentence over and over again. It was awful. I felt like the worst mom on the planet. What kind of mom talks about getting a bike from the neighbors trash in front of her kiddo and then has to stand there and try to console her child when the trash bike gets taken away? Not my finest hour. I told him that we would go to the store and get him a brand new bike someday soonish. He's starting to understand what "some day" means so he wasn't super thrilled but he knew I was being honest. He calmed down after awhile and has been talking about his new bike ever since the incident. Right now we do not have the funds available to buy this kid a bike.

Yesterday a friend messaged me on facebook a photo of a little boys bike that he was getting rid of, "do you want this... BTW free." Uh, are you kidding me!?!?!?!? He hadn't heard the story of the trash bike either. It was just out of the blue. Needless to say I am feeling very blessed. I know a lot of people say it all the time but in truth the Lord always does provide. I cannot tell you how many times we've "needed" (I use that word loosely because I have seen poverty) something; a new couch because the old one was busted, a new fridge, a bigger car seat, a new dryer, a bicycle for our heart broken two year old and we decided to not rush out and charge it (which I totally almost did with this bike incident), waited much longer than was comfortable and then someone offered said item to us. The Lord truly does provide!

Our friend dropped the bike by sometime last night so he messaged me to say it was in the back yard this morning. I took little Abe back there this morning and said as we walked out the door, "I think there's something out here for you." He saw the bike right away and ran to it overflowing with glee. He exclaimed loudly, "Oh WOW!!! A bike, a brand new bike! The mail man brought me my very brand new bike." He bunches up his fists and does a full body shake when he's really excited so that was the next step in the excitement. It was awesome! 

Average daily spending for September: $20.59

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  1. Hey, you are getting really close to that $20 target! Well done you! And well done for not rushing out and buying a bike!