Saturday, September 6, 2014

One Way I Choose to Save Money

Maggie just beginning her hair cut

This is round number three for me of at home dog grooming. Last time we took our miniature schnauzers to the groomers it cost us $90 for the pair. We used to take them to the groomers two times a year. By choosing to cut their hair myself I've now saved $270. I just use a nice pair of scissors and trim their hair for short periods of time for about a week. I trimmed up our other dog last week. Once they're all trimmed I clip their nails and give them a bath and then we've a pair of brand new dogs for free (only a good deal of time invested in the procedure).

We've always had their bodies and legs trimmed all the way down but left the eye brows and beards with a little bit of length. I hate the traditional schnauzer trim. This time around is the only time we've totally cut off the beard. There were some mats in both dogs beards so I decided to just give them both a fresh start. The bit of extra one on one time with each pooch (they rather enjoy the grooming) is well worth the money saved too!


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    1. Thanks :-)
      She looks silly in this photo but she is pretty... your girl is too!