Monday, September 8, 2014

What a Rewarding Evening

AGAIN, my life revolves around food WAY too much!

I cooked up more goose this evening and it turned out even better than the last one. I'm almost afraid to cook the others. It just couldn't get any better. I'm so impressed with my two year old for chowing down on this new meat too. Along with our goose we had a sliced up black krim heirloom tomato from the backyard and a box of organic mac n cheese that I got on sale for $1. That means that tonight's dinner cost $1. One of the most satisfying dinners I've ever had; satisfying in several ways.

To top it off I tried out a new dessert recipe yesterday that a dear friend of mine posted to her blog. <-linked here. It's an icebox cake with just 5 ingredients that turned out wonderfully. I used lemon instead of lime for mine and since my husband is no fan of citrus (or fruit for that matter) I decided to split the recipe in half and bring a cake to my neighbor. Little Abe and I walked next door this evening while the goose was cooking and my neighbor was so touched. She tried the cake a short while later and said she loved it.

I feel really great right now. Great dinner. Super cheap dinner. And brought a huge smile to the neighbor! Oh, also pulled off a NO SPEND day today. <Happy Dance right here>
English version of recipe linked under photo
The recipe called for a garnish of lime peel. I grated the lemon peel quite small and we were able to eat it with the cake. It was really yummy! Thank-you for the great recipe Pieliekamais!


  1. (late to the party)
    My heart gets so happy reading about you making this dinner. You made goose, you actually know how to cook goose! I am so impressed and inspired, as always.
    Thank you so much for the shout-out!
    I did not know that this type of dessert is called icebox cake! I quickly checked out the concept on wikipedia and WOW I feel I need to do a whole post on icebox cakes! Thank you!

    1. Yep, icebox. I actually checked out an entire recipe book from the library once on icebox cakes. That would be a neat blog post :)

      Ah, the goose. I never thought I'd know how to cook that and like it, hehe