Thursday, September 4, 2014

This is My Sort of Remodeling (only $18)

Today I had a moment of extreme weakness. I passed by a chalk board that was on clearance for $3 (originally $13) and an incredible blue shelf that was on clearance for $15. I hardly ever buy items like these but I picked both of them up. I've been wanting some sort of toy shelves for my son's room for the longest time. And the chalk board... $3! I wanted to grab three or four of them. I'm happy with myself for coming away with just one.

Here's a before and after photo of the now toy shelf wall in little Abe's room. The chalk board is also in the after photo. My little guy's bedroom was formally my husband's music room (and DVD storage area) for let's see about 6 years before the baby came. As you can see from the before photo it's very slowly evolved into Abe's room.

A few random bits of info about what's pictured above:
Before the shelf was there most of those toys had a spot somewhere on the floor in his room.
I LOVE the shelf. I've been looking for something similar for ages but couldn't ever justify paying what they cost. $15 was a steal.
I intend within the next week to draw up pictures for each cubby and the shelf on top so that he is able to put his toys back where they "belong" without assistance.
I saw a pin on pinterest where you place painters tape on the wall and then you can use regular tape over the painters tape to adhere pieces of paper. That way you don't risk pealing paint or leaving residue but can still just tape items to the wall. It works great. That's how I have the letters hung and I was able to move them with all the same pieces of tape.
We are learning a letter, shape and color each week. This week is the letter "E." Eventually the entire alphabet will be on that wall.
The orange slide belonged to my husband when he was a child.

I chose the title to this post very tongue in cheek. I know that adding a shelf to a room is not remodeling but it's quite possibly the closest I'll ever get. I could never see us tearing down a wall or putting in new cupboards or things like that.


  1. That looks great! I hope Abe is enjoying it! Re-modelling is not so much spending money but standing back and looking at the space anew, looking at what you have and then combining space and possessions. Putting in cupboards or redecorating is expensive, looking is priceless.

    1. Looking is priceless. I like your thinking! You may not be as frugally challenged as you let on :-) thank-you

  2. Impressive!!!! It seems as if our house is always a work in progress.

    1. Thanks. They are aren't they... always a work in progress even if that means just organizing and constantly keeping things cleaned up.