Saturday, August 29, 2015

August Numbers Are In

I'm wrapping up the month financially by taking $40 cash out of the bank today (or tomorrow). I'm still shooting for a no spends today and tomorrow so I don't intend to spend any of the cash till Monday.

My goal for August was to bring the average daily spending for the year down under $18 a day. This month I bought a new pair of blue jeans for me and a new pair of shoes for little Abe. We went to an amusement park with my brother's family (he got us in for free). My husband and I celebrated our 13th anniversary. I spent in eight different categories this month and still I hit the nail on the head. I don't think I could possibly be happier with how August ended up financially. Our average daily spending for 2015 is $17.99 a day.

Average daily spending for August: $15.03

August averages and spending categories:
$9.83 a day on Groceries. Total $285.07
18 cents a day on Toiletries. Total $5.23
$1.86 a day on Food out. Total $53.79
5 cents a day on School supplies. Total $1.56
10 cents a day on Cleaning. Total $2.89
$1.06 a day on Clothing. Total $30.71
88 cents a a day on Pets. Total $25.43
$1.07 a day on Stuff. Total $31.13

My goal for September is to keep the average daily spending for 2015 under that $18 a day mark. I'm just going to leave well enough alone and not try to lower it further after a great month of low spending.

The average daily spending for food groceries for my family is still sticking around the $12 a day mark for the year. My average daily spending so far in 2015 on groceries is $11.96

Jan. $11.36 a day groceries.
Feb. $11.53 a day groceries.
Mar. $12.83 a day groceries.
Apr. $12.56 a day groceries.
May $11.45 a day groceries.
June $13.71 a day groceries.
July $13.21 a day groceries.
August $9.83 a day groceries.

August 2015 Total: $435.81
NO SPEND day 65    8.31
$40 cash for groceries to wrap up month    8.30
NO SPEND day 64    8.29
Glue sticks $1.56    8.28
Groceries $13.73    8.28
Groceries $29.53    8.27
Toiletries $5.23    8.27
McD's $5.78    8.27
New shoes for Abe $10.68    8.27
Groceries $4.88    8.26
Groceries $17.89    8.25
Coffee $1.79    8.24
NO SPEND day 63    8.23
Groceries $29.02    8.22
Dog food $25.43    8.22
Candy $1.09    8.21
Groceries $16.95    8.20
Groceries $4.76    8.19
NO SPEND day 62    8.18
Groceries $1.48    8.17
Coffee $1.79    8.17
NO SPEND day 61    8.16
NO SPEND day 60    8.15
Groceries $7.69    8.14
Blue jeans $20.03    8.14
Burger King late lunch $9.61    8.14
lunch at work $2.89    8.13
Games at Michigan's Adventure $10    8.12
Groceries (dry active yeast to be specific) 99 cents    8.12
Bottomless pop at the amusement park $15    8.12
Coffee $1.79    8.12
NO SPEND day 59    8.11
Groceries $28.04    8.10
Trash bags and straws $6.29    8.10
Lightbulbs $7.13    8.10
NO SPEND day 58    8.9
Groceries $41.97    8.8
Bath squirters and two cups for Abe $7.71    8.8
Groceries $8.69    8.7
Groceries $13.85    8.6
Lunch $3.89    8.6
Groceries $6.96    8.5
Groceries $17.55    8.4
Dish soap $2.89    8.4
Pizza $11.25    8.3
On Vacation    8.2 (not counting this day in average)
On Vacation    8.1 (not counting this day in average)


  1. That is amazing daily spending in August! But you didn't need me to tell you that! I'll bet you are walking tall!

    1. Thank-you, I really am. It feels great to have met my goal, and even more to have not had to really struggle doing it. I'm really just getting better and better and buying what we need, shopping deals and sales, and keeping spending down. Feels so great!

  2. You are doing absolutely fantastic!!!! You should be VERY proud of yourself!!! What is the goal for September - have you thought about one yet? I got in my 15 no-spends this month and would like to do another 15 in September. We are also having the skylights/roof repaired this month - we paid $1000 down payment and have $2250 left to pay, I would like to be able to pay at LEAST another $1000 of that in cash spending for us!!!! I guess the only good thing about being sick for this last week and a half is we have a TON of food left & won't have to go shopping for quite awhile :)

    1. Awe, I hate that you've been sick :(
      Looks like you have a plan though and hey, can't complain about the bonus: lots of food still in the house. Congrats on the 15 no spends. Fabulous!!!

      My goal for September is to keep it under $18 a day. I don't want to push it after a low spend month. Haha, looks like this girl is learning her limits.