Monday, August 3, 2015

Home Sweet Home


  1. Well he sure looks like he had a good time!!!! Is the map going up on his bedroom wall? What did you guys do while dad was at the band thing?

    1. He did great on the car ride there (which is when we mapped our route in 45 minute increments) but he did not do so well on the way back when we had hoped he'd be sleeping. I should have known better. He had a lot of fun though. It was really a great vacation. I am planning to hang it on his wall. I want to get thumbnails of several of our photos though and paste them in their coordinating state before I hang it up.

      While dad was at the band thing little Abe and I swam in the hotel pool for at least two hours. We hung out in the room for a little bit and ate cold pizza from the night before and then we went to sleep. I thought we might take a shuttle to somewhere but there really wasn't time and he beyond enjoyed himself in the pool. He asked the entire ride home if he could go swimming again "now!"

      I feel like we packed a lot into this little trip. We were all way too tired to really enjoy much on Sunday but really with so much driving that's to be expected. We stopped at Dinosaur World in Kentucky on Sunday though, on the ride back, and spent a good amount of time there and all three of us REALLY enjoyed that.