Saturday, August 22, 2015

Sunflower Art

Yesterday we harvested the seeds from the sunflower. If I'd waited much longer the squirrels would have eaten them all.

Little Abe and I sat on the kitchen floor for at least 10 minutes removing each one. We both had red colored sunflower sap (thats the only thing I can think to call it) on the tips of our fingers. What an oddly entertaining activity. I couldn't believe how stunningly beautiful the head was after the seeds were all removed. Sunflowers are truly amazing all the way through, from height to strength, to the roughness and thickness of their leaves, the beauty once they open and rapidly they go from a lovely first opened bloom to an enormous seed filled circle.

The seeds are all lying out on a cookie sheet now. Today we put the empty head of the flower to use by painting with it. Little Abe just painted different colors on it with a paint brush. He pressed it down after each color. It was a good deal of fun until he started to notice the bees flying around (remember, he got stung one week ago). After that we called it quits. I rather like the way the little pressings turned out though.

Spending rundown today: Well it was inevitable; I was going to have to buy the dog food sooner or later: $25.43. I also had a strange sort of shopping trip in which I purchased specific ingredients in order to make recipes with the tomatoes: $29.02. I needed heavy whipping cream and chicken stock for the soup, more flour to make pizza crust again, some cheese for sandwiches and pizza, meat for making meatballs to go on spaghetti, and a few other food items.

My budget for the month is $436 which leaves $131.26

Average daily spending for 2015: $17.96
(the above average considers the following two days as no spends)

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