Monday, August 10, 2015

Oh It's A Monday (Updated)

I ended up working longer than I'd hoped... that means extra money right? I hate long Mondays. I should have grocery shopped either on my break or when I was finished working BUT I worked over and didn't take a break. Who knows if I'll head back to the store, maybe after my Chiropractic appointment. Gosh I'm glad I rescheduled the dentist appointment that I didn't think I'd have time for.

***Just got back from the grocery store and I hit the over 50% saved mark. Woohoo! I knew I had a good plan but boy does it feel good executing it.

Spending rundown today: Today I spent $41.46 on groceries, light bulbs, and trash bags. My total savings for this trip was $44.09. Only $10 worth of that savings was from store rewards I've earned recently which means I still have $25 in store rewards to use this week. I did not get everything on my grocery list including the pants and the dog food I've budgeted this week. I have $65.62 left in the budget for this week, A TON of food in the kitchen, and still have $25 in store rewards to use. Ahhhh, that feels good!

My budget for the month is $436 which leaves $279.78.

Average daily spending for 2015: $18.28


  1. AWESOME job!!!! You are really kicking butt on this!! I worked like a dog today....but got no pay :( School starts tomorrow so I went and helped out the friend whose classroom I volunteer in - HARDEST work I've ever done for no pay....except it helps her out and that is all I care about :) Glad you got paid for your time :)

    1. Thanks :)
      Looks like you need a rest day(s) now!
      So cool that you were able to help her out. I imagine you two had a great deal of fun while you were at it though

  2. We did - we always do :) How are those watermelons coming? Are the carrots all done? How many did you end up getting?

    1. Haha, one watermelon is getting big fast (it's still little but it's growing). The other three don't seem to be growing. If we get one good watermelon I will consider it a success. All I did was plant two seeds. I think one watermelon would be a good enough reward for that.

      The carrots are done and I did do a second sow because I think there are termites in the bin. Go figure, gah. I think I got around 60 carrots over all. I did a poor job counting but I counted the tops at one time and there were a bit over 60 in the bin. There weren't any bad ones so I got around 60.

  3. 60 carrots is AMAZING!!!! Was that in 1 bin??? How many times did you plant? I am going to definitely try carrots next spring!!!

    I have a ton of green peppers, my itty-bitty tomato plant is getting bigger every day, as is my pe plant which I've gotten ONE whole pea off of so far....remember darling son fried everything while we were on vacation so these are replants. My squash is blossoming and growing like crazy squash :(

    How do termites get in the they like carrots???

    1. Yep, 60 in the one tub in one crop. They all turned out so great too. I have NO IDEA about the termites in a plastic tub at that... I've several holes punched in the bottom for drainage and a small layer of river stone at the bottom for drainage. I read that termites like cold damp places so how they go there I don't know but they seem to have crawled up into the bin because after we pulled the last of the carrots little Abe filled the bin with water and I noticed these bugs floating to the top. Yeah, I'm 99% sure they are termites. Anyway, they didn't seem to effect the carrots I had in the bin at all, and who knows how long they were in there BUT I didn't really want to start a new crop with them in there. Yuck!

      I'm so happy you're starting to get produce! My tomatoes are FINALLY turning red :)
      Maybe your squash is just a late bloomer? Are squash like watermelon? I read that Watermelon have male and female blossoms. The male blossoms show up first but don't turn into fruit. The female blossoms follow shortly after and then the fruit starts showing up. Maybe your blossoms are all male, haha