Sunday, August 16, 2015

Every Moment Counts

When I was a child I longed for future days.
Not to long ago I found myself wishing time would slow;
Dreaming of how lovely it would be to turn back the clock.
Today I shall devote to today;
There is wondrous life to be lived right now.


  1. That is beautiful!!! It is amazing how when we are young we want so much to be "grown up" and then when we are grown ups we think about how we could go back and be younger again.....we SHOULD just enjoy the day and whatever brought us to it!!!

    1. I remember vividly as a child wishing that I had a "job" so I could buy my own things. HAHA! There's a lot that comes with having a job, I'd say (you know, like paying the bills, and balancing the budget, ect;). I really do just want to live today to the fullest.