Saturday, August 8, 2015

Spending time in the yard today

There are four tiny watermelon on the first watermelon plant now. I still have no idea how they will turn out but at least we've got a start. Yay!

I thought the strawberry buckets were done several weeks ago but we've still been getting one or two great berries every day for the past several weeks. Yum, yum, yum!

Some of the tomatoes are FINALLY turning red. I had honestly started to think they were not going to ripen. I feel like I've had plants filled with green tomatoes for months. I'm afraid patience is not my strong point.

We're heading back outside now. It's kind of a gloomy cooler day here and in truth I'm happy about that. It hasn't been a super hot summer but I do like cooler days where you can spend lots of time in the yard without sweating up a storm. (It's very humid in Michigan... especially a mile from the lake)

Spending rundown today: I made an executive decision to buy two cups for little Abe and a set of three bath squirters for $7.71 today. I needed to spend another $7.45 in the baby department to earn a $10 store reward. I will have $10 to spend on my next purchase at the store since I bought the cups and squirters today. The way I look at it, I basically got the cups and squirters for free.

I spent $41.97 on groceries today which included $9 worth of organic yogurt, 5 boxes of the tube yogurt (like go-gurt). We like to freeze it and little Abe eats it as popsicles. Normally a box is $3.09 so I saved $6.45 today just on yogurt. I bought a strange assortment of stuff (lots of cheese and yogurt) but between sales and coupons today was a good trip. I saved 45% on my total bill. I'm thrilled whenever I'm at the 50% savings mark and that 45% is close enough for me. That doesn't include the $15 worth of rewards I earned and $4 worth of good Catalina coupons that spit out on this trip. Yep, good shopping day here.

My budget for the month is $436 which leaves $321.24.

Average daily spending for 2015: $18.34


  1. I love your baby watermelons. You are a Melon Mama!